EWB, short for Education Without Barriers, is a non-profit international volunteer organization founded by Harvard graduates and Harvard Summit for Young Leaders in China (HSYLC). Its main job is to provide online education for orphans. Established in Harvard University in September, 2016, EWB is comprised of high school students, undergraduates, PhD students, serving professional teachers and retired teachers. EWB provides personalized basic education tutorials for special children (including legal orphans and left-behind children) through real-time tutoring, so as to tackle unbalanced educational resources, the neglect of education for special children, the disadvantages of offline short-term voluntary teaching and many other problems.



Vulnerable children: mainly aimed at legal orphans (one or both parents of the child have been sent to jail, while the other parent loses custody for various reasons; therefore the child’s nominal custody is held by nonprofit non-government organizations or welfare homes) and left-behind children.

The stage children are in: they are in primary school, junior and senior high school

Teaching spots: Dalian Yangguang Yihong Children’s Village; Bian’gou Primary school in Yangmuchuan, Dandong City; Tashan Loving Home in Ningde City, Fujian Province



Online real-time tutoring: our own teaching method is through internet and real-time video communication software. According to children’s personalities, learning habits and learning conditions of different subjects, EWB will arrange corresponding volunteer teachers to provide continuous and systematic knowledge teaching as well as learning method guidance.

Class time: EWB will arrange the time of classes based on volunteer teachers’ available time. There is one class from 7 pm to 8 pm and one from 8 pm to 9 pm per week (Beijing time). All the volunteer teachers need to take on at least one class a week.

Pre-class preparation and after-class feedback: the lecturers need to send the courseware to the specific group for other teachers to check before each class; they also need to send the class feedback to the specific group after class so that the next lecturer can keep up with course schedule.



Non-profit: our current finance mainly comes from donations of individuals. Each donation and expenditure will be regularly published on WeChat official account at the end of every month to receive supervision. The acceptance of donation and the expenditure of raised funds will be managed by different working groups.

International volunteer organization: members of the working group and volunteers come from all over the world and have experienced different education system and teaching methods. In addition to the subjects of elementary education in Chinese mainland, we also teach children American history and oral English (we have contacted RCA homestay in the United States, hoping that some eligible legal orphans can be admitted to American high schools, therefore we will provide corresponding courses for these children). At the same time, we cooperate with Harvard China Care, Box Friends, University of Hong Kong and other organizations; together, we are committed to the education for special children. Different from the management styles of volunteer organizations in Chinese mainland, we use international methods to manage this organization considering that fact that our personnel are dispersed and we operate online.



Long-term goals and commitment

Our long-term goals:

  1. To improve educational quality and change its mode for global orphans so as to fill gaps in educational resources.
  2. To establish an education platform that provides continuous, systematic and high-quality education for all orphans.
  3. To provide the most meaningful and purified charity environment for all volunteers.
  4. To provide an education platform where volunteers and children can communicate so that they can make improvements together.
  5. To fundamentally change worldwide social problems and challenges by improving the education condition for every single child


Our commitment

  1. It’s all about helping others! We are committed to establishing the purest non-profit organization where all decisions and activities are based on the benefits of children.
  2. Selecting volunteers in a strict and just way. We set high standard, use multiple assessments and then train our volunteers to provide high-quality education for children.
  3. We develop personalized education program for each child.
  4. Never be commercialized. Applying for or participate in EWB activities will never be at a price..
  5. The transparency of monthly account.


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