合作者-RCA homestay

RCA homestay

RCA homestay is an American 501c(3) organization that is devoted to helping legal orphans study abroad. It helps kids apply for schools, check homestay families, prepare visa materials and bear all costs of studying abroad. EWB and RCA homestay have established a long-term cooperation relationship. EWB will mainly be in charge of long-term education of kids and RCA will provide physical and mental assisstance to the Chinese orphans who are selected by the project to study and live in the United States.


合作者-Harvard China Care

Harvard China Care

Harvard China Care is dedicated to helping the orphans living in welfare houses in China and the Chinese orphans adopted by the families in Boston area. It has developed projects like educating those adopted orphans on Chinese culture and language, providing tutors for a long time and organizing volunteer program in orphanages during summer vacation. EWB has made cooperation in long-term online education with the orphanage that is connected to Harvard China Care, which has successfully combined offline visit with online teaching.



盒伙伴/两个盒子 (Box Friends)

Box Friends provides rural schools with container-like multimedia library, creating a better reading environment for children. Box Friends and EWB together serve the students of Bian’gou Elementary School in Dandong City, we teach them the ABCs of English through advanced technology, enabling learning environment and innovative teaching style.


合作者-创变者 CMN创变者 CMN

CMN, established by students of Hong Kong University, is a gathering place for youth who are dedicated to public good and social improvement. It regularly shares useful information about editorial and public welfare as well as recommends public lectures, projects and competitions to its members. Its goal is to gather more congenial people, inspire each other and make contribution to the world. CMN has been twinned with EWB and they have advanced together in the past year.


合作者-红月亮阅读生活馆红月亮阅读生活馆 (Redmoon Reading Hall)

Redmoon Reading Hall is the only non-profit library in China that is established by Ms. Wang Xiuyan( also “Mom Wang”), who is the deputy-head of the SOS Children’s Village. Redmoon supports EWB by offering electronic picture books and training courses, thus enabling EWB teachers to bring the high-quality, lively and interesting reading classes to children.


合作者-立心学园立心学园(Lixin School)

Lixin School is a rural children’s school in Tongshan County, Hubei Province. It is founded to promote people-oriented education that can bring happiness in rural areas. The school focuses on the establishment and development of personality of children, shows respect to teachers and encourages them to learn new knowledge. With the efforts of both parents and the school staff, Lixin School hopes to improve the concepts and methods of family education. At the same time, it will follow the trend of social civilization and technological development, carrying out innovative primary education which are suitable for Chinese rural areas.


合作者-晨兴·启明晨兴·启明(Morningside&Qiming Project)

Morningside&Qiming Project was initiated by Culture China Student Club and West Region Attached Association (WRAA) of Zhejiang University.


合作者-浙江大学学生心系西部协会浙江大学学生心系西部协会(West Region Attached Association)

WRAA was founded on April 10, 2007 under the guidance of the Research Institute for West China Development of Zhejiang University. It is one of the earliest university associations in East China that focus on the issues of western China and intend to guide students to “understand the west and care about its development”. So far, it has successfully held many practical and creative activities, such as volunteer teaching and research program in West China during summer, Culture Month, winter garden party and charity book sale.



浙江大学晨兴文化中国人才计划(Zhejiang University Cultural China Scholars Project)

In September 2008, Zhejiang University Cultural China Scholars Project was officially launched. Since the third session in 2010, its operating funds mainly come from Morningside Capital, therefore the project changed its name to Zhejiang University Morningside Cultural China Scholars. The project is introduced briefly as follows:
Mission: For peaceful development of China and the whole world, to cultivate pragmatic leaders who recognize the spirit of Chinese culture and possess lofty ambitions and international visions, who are always concerned about the common people and who are dedicated to ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth, to secure life and fortune for the populace, to carry on lost teachings of ancient sages, and to build peace for posterity
Goal: To cultivate leaders of all social factors who maintain loyalty and justice, hold great responsibility, carry forward fine culture, strive for the prosperity of the nation, and influence the world.


合作者-吉米未来 GYMI吉米未来 GYMI

GYMI is a commonweal organization recognized by 501(c) (3) section in the United States. Founded in 2013 at the Columbia University in New York, GYMI has members who come from the United States, China and all over the world. We’re hoping to provide advanced innovative education to the youth and left-behind children in the less developed areas of China and other countries, so as to make up for the limited elementary education and cultivate their ability of independent learning and interdisciplinary learning.


合作者-一美元爱心计划一美元爱心计划(One Dollar Project)

One Dollar Project, initiated by Chinese students studying at American senior high schools in April 2012 on New York Times Square, is a charity project which provides donations, warm blessings and voluntary teaching for children in China’s impoverished rural areas. It is affiliated to an American 501(c) (3) charity HC International Young Teenager Alliance (HITA), and raise funds legally in collaboration with Feng Huang Zhu Miao Foundation. The project has raised nearly RMB 120,000 Yuan and organized fund-raising activities through the streets in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Vancouver, Waterloo, Toronto, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Changsha, Xi’an, etc. It also successfully held a charity dinner at Harvard in March 2013 in order to draw attention to those poor left-behind children. We have helped hundreds of rural children from the Laershanbanla primary school, Chahe primary school and Gaoyan primary school in Fenghuang, Xiangxi Autonomous Prefeture. We also have been to the poor mountainous areas for four times to offer summer tutorials, material assistance, school construction and so on.

Here, we extend our sincere gratitude to the above partners who come along with EWB. If you have cooperation needs and want to contribute to the “Education of Love”, please contact us.

We are looking look forward to witnessing the second anniversary, the third anniversary, or whatever anniversary of EWB together with you.