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Why We Do It?

For most of the disadvantage children, they are the marginalized group who are neglected by their peers, teachers, managers of social welfare agencies, and at times, public policies. According to our observation, there are many cases that children without Hu Kou (the official household registration system in China) do not receive equal care from their teachers. They do not have the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences with their parents and trusted ones. Research shows that even brief autobiographical storytelling exercises can have substantial impacts on psychological and physical health. Lacking a channel of expressing their feelings leaves them more vulnerable and cause harm on their personal growth, especially psychological health. In order to tackle this problem, EWB launched the Talk Time Project in Dec 2016. Every weekend, each child’s head teacher talks with the kid following a structured but flexible agenda. The talk usually lasts for 1~2 hours. By doing this, we form a more comprehensive understanding of children’s vulnerabilities, notice abnormalities of their deeds, and help them in overcoming adversities and facing various problems.


Regular Agenda

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