Sunflower Academy

We target

children in orphanage care

We offer

one-on-one classes

We reduce

the Snowball Effect

These children only have access to basic education, no additional academic help. Once they start having difficulty with one area of study, it affects their entire classroom experience.  Our one-on-one classes revolve around the subject they need support on and unlock their academic potential.
We also launched the Mentors of the Stars Program specifically for these children, providing them with mentors to accompany, guide, and take care of them like family members. 

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Admitted to Top High Schools

Stories shared with us

(35 minutes, that’s how long a class in Xiaoanpin River Elementary School lasts.

It can be a 35-minute reading class where the children read the fairytale Little White Boat and wonder what the little boat looks like. It can be an English class, where the children learn the phonetic symbols for their future language learning. It can also be a mental health class, in which the children learn about themselves through games and stories.

In merely 35 minutes, the children can learn more than just knowledge, and the teachers gain something beyond the sense of reward.

The classroom is the best place for teacher-student communication. It is also the place where EWB gives and receives love.
On the Spring Festival of 2022, our volunteer teachers sent New Year cards to their students. When the children were reading the New Year’s wishes, the warm winter sun lightened their happy and bashful faces.)

-- (Elena Miles)
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