Dan Li Presented EWB in Stanford China Education Forum

At the Stanford China Education Forum held in Stanford University on May 19th, Dan Li, the Co-founder of Education Without Barriers (EWB), had the chance to present EWB in front of a wider range of audience.

As a speaker at the Panel Discussion on “Educational NGO & Social Enterprise Sustainability”, Dan Li introduced EWB’s education model of connecting the volunteers from different parts of the world with the children in the rural areas via the Internet. With many children having access to the Internet in most parts of rural China, this model has been proved to be effective.


Dan Li then introduced the curriculum structure of EWB. EWB offers exam-oriented courses for children. The aim is to help children cope with the examination under the Chinese educational system. Moreover, to better realize children's potential and achieve more holistic development, EWB has offered personalized Enrichment Courses for children, such as programming, astronomy, reading and psychology.


At the same time, EWB also pays attention to the emotional needs of children. Through the "Little Parent" system, the children's learning and life are cared for and guided by their “Little Parent” assigned to him or her from EWB. Once the children are found to face psychological or life challenges, their ’Little Parent’will offer them support and communicate with their guardians or school teachers in time to help them overcome the problem

The Stanford China Education Forum provides a great platform for education enthusiasts to exchange ideas. EWB had the chance to meet with other  NGOs who share the same goals, and to keep in touch with them for future collaboration.