EWB-Jiang Xaoying Family Support Fund Has Been Set Up

EWB-Jiang Xaoying Family Support Fund(EWB姜晓莹重大家庭变故支持基金) has recently been set up. This Fund aims at supporting students whose family was struck by an unforeseen event and faced immediate financial difficulty. Donor Jiang Xaoying and EWB believe, to remain a student’s focus on study, or at least, maintain them in school, intriguing and educational course is far by enough——save them from urgent financial crises is necessary.

Donor Jiang Xaoying is currently a freshman of New York University. She has served in EWB as a teaching volunteer for more than 2 years and has been the teacher of several underprivileged children. True understating and deep concern to this group made her realized she can do more. Then, she did. With her support, EWB is able to fund children with an urgent need to overcome the hardest time in the future.


This year’s fund went to the family of a 12-year-boy. His family relied totally on his dad’s slender income. However, his dad is disabled, and not long ago was diagnosed with cancer. At the same time, his grandma is sick and his sister needs to go to school as well. Mr. Huang, a teacher of him, said: “of the 300 or so impoverished students in our school, his family probably needs our support the most. His father’s sickness is harshening the situation.” With the Fund’s support, their concern can be alleviated a bit.