Sunflower Academy

Project Description:

One-to-Many Academy is a program that provides free online group lessons to our partner teaching sites. Within the project, two funding projects are available, namely “Jiang Xiaoying: Funding for Families Accidents” and “Funding for Children with Disability”, which can provide financial aid to children in need.


Target Children:

Mainly left-behind children in urban and rural areas; children living in proverty.


Project Origin:

One-to-Many partner teaching sites are located in remote areas and therefore lack high-quality education resources. Some elementary schools do not have English classes due to their limited staff.

Accordingly, EWB provides these teaching sites with English classes that help the students prepare for exams. In line with the principles of “all-round education”, we also offer classes such as reading, painting, and mental health to meet the specific needs of each teaching site.

We adjust our teaching goals based on the age group of our students. For underaged children in Dandong Biangou Elementary School, we give them introductory English lessons with a priority on developing their interests in the subject. Students from Shanghai K Charitable Foundation, however, are poverty students aged 15-20. For these students, we provide them with Business English classes because we want to improve their English speaking skills and help them prepare for the Shanghai foreign language certification test for the tourism and catering industry.


Featured Story:

35-minute of Love

35 minutes, that’s how long a class in Xiaoanpin River Elementary School lasts.

It can be a 35-minute reading class where the children read the fairytale Little White Boat and wonder what the little boat looks like. It can be an English class, where the children learn the phonetic symbols for their future language learning. It can also be a mental health class, in which the children learn about themselves through games and stories.

In merely 35 minutes, the children can learn more than just knowledge, and the teachers gain something beyond the sense of reward.

The classroom is the best place for teacher-student communication. It is also the place where EWB gives and receives love.

On the Spring Festival of 2022, our volunteer teachers sent New Year cards to their students. When the children were reading the New Year’s wishes, the warm winter sun lightened their happy and bashful faces.

Students received gifts from EWB teachers

Project Outcomes:

In 2021, we had 21 volunteer teachers and 6 management members in One-to-Many Acedamy, and provided 148 students with 170 hours of online lessons. All students from Shanghai K Charitable Foundation passed the level C certification test for tourism English.

At the same time, we offered RMB 9120 medical funding to two families living in Pingdeng Town, Longsheng Autonomous County, Guilin, Guangxi Autonomous Region. With our help, the children’s education was not affected by the financial status of their families.


Representative Partners:

Dandong Xiaoanping River Elementary School, Dandong Biangou Elementary School, Shanghai K Charitable Foundation, Guizhou Taili Elementary School


Leaser’s Visions:

In the future, EWB will further develop the One-to-Many Academy project, providing quality educational resources to our students.

We are looking forward to enhancing our communication with the schools and better understanding the sincere feedback of our students. We are also planning to establish a student evaluation system and reward the students based on the evaluation results so as to encourage them to study.


Members’ Voice:

Fuqin Hu, Volunteer teacher at Dandong Xiaoanping River Elementary School:

Due to the limited resources, the children in my school had never learned any English before 3rd grade. Therefore, I designed special phonetic lessons to go along with the test book in order to improve the students’ English pronunciation. Before every lesson, I’ll prepare teaching materials, which include a 2-3 minute cartoon clip or mini-movie as the reward for the students’ participation. My students would participate in-class activities and try to win the award for their team. All these brought me great joy and encouragement.

Yiran Wang, Volunteer teacher at Dandong Xiaoanping River Elementary School:

I have spent three semesters with the children as a volunteer teacher. From 2020 to 2022, I saw these shy little kids becoming great students who love thinking and answering my questions. They learned how to express their feelings in a loud and clear voice and started to feel genuine happiness. I wish those warning and interesting words and images could show them what beauty is. I wish, even only for a few minutes, they could find reading a fun activity. I wish they can grow up with love and respect and become someone with good personalities — treat others with kindness, stay curious about the world, be happy and be free.