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American Chapter

Xiaoyi Jiang (Iris)

-American Chapter    -Head of Finance and Audit Department

-American Chapter

-Head of Finance and Audit Department


Xiaoyi obtained Master of Science in Global Finance at Fordham University. She is mainly responsible for the accounting and financial management activities at Education Without Barriers(EWB). During her master’s degree, she served as the Vice President of Treasury department of Fordham Asia Pacific Student Association (Ascend), responsible for the annual financial budget control and analysis. In November 2017, she represented Fordham University to participate in the National Investment Banking Competition in Toronto. In October 2018, she was invited to participate in the UPenn Education Forum and actively networked with the heads of different non-profit organizations During her studies in New York, she had extensive finance internship experience at Wall Street, including financial services company, family office, and wealth management company. Currently, Xiaoyi (Iris) is working as an analyst in the financial department of Nomura Securities at New York office.

Tinglei Chen (Terrie)

-American Chapter    -Head of Human Resource Departmnet

-American Chapter

-Head of Human Resource Departmnet


Tinglei is the director of Depart. Of HR in EWB American Chapter where she regularly works on recruitment, training, planning and other things about HR. She is studying in Shanghai Jianping High School as a student of grade 12. She won the Bronze Prize in China Thinks Big of 2017, play the role of liaison minister in student union and worked as a volunteer in READMORE. As a member of EWB, Terrie is destined to providing more possible ways to happiness for disadvantage children.

-American Chapter    -Head of Integrated Branding & Marketing Department

-American Chapter

-Head of Integrated Branding & Marketing Department


Huijuan is director of Integrated branding and marketing department, her main responsibility is to lead the team to establish EWB's own brand, expand its reputation and influence through market promotions and publicity. Huijuan has studied and worked in the UK for many years, she is ACCA certified accountant and currently working for an accounting firm in London. She also participate in the work of EWB's Finance and Audit department, responsibile for setting up charts of accounts, drawing up accounting policy and preparing the accounting statments for EWB. She was volunteering for many activities, such as raise fund for Homeless International Charity, served the 2012 London Olympic Games as Event Services Volunteer and be office assistant for a local art promotion charity, etc. As the memeber of EWB, her goal is to help more and more underpriviledged children by improving EWB's influence.

Wenqing Chen (Vicky)

-American Chapter    -Head of Technology Department

-American Chapter

-Head of Technology Department


Wenqing is director of EWB American Chapter Technology Department, where she is currently responsible for the establishment of EWB technology development. Her major is Library Science. In 2019, she participated in the Asia Pacific Youth Week held by the United Nations in Seoul, South Korea, as a Chinese student representative, exchanging social issues and youth leadership with 150 Asia Pacific students. From 2016 to 2018, She has worked as the team leader of incoming Global Volunteer Department and the vice president of Finance Department of AIESEC. She once worked as an English teaching assistant in new Oriental and Beijing Top Global Education, and will soon work as an English product resource intern of Iflytek Co,Ltd., which is the enterprise of China Speech Valley. As a volunteer, she participated in the Fourth China-Russia "Yangtze River -- Volga River" Youth BBS, The 20th FLTRP Cup National English Debating Competition, 2018 China Artificial Intelligence Summit, etc. She hopes to endow education with science and technology, eliminate education inequality and let children enjoy more equal and high-quality education.

Luyu Zhou (Lily)

-American Chapter    -Head of Legal Affair Department

-American Chapter

-Head of Legal Affair Department


Luyu obtained Master of International Trade and Commercial Law, Durham University, and graduated from Dalian Maritime University with a bachelor’s degree in Maritime Law. At present, she is mainly responsible for risk prevention and control, legal compliance and dispute resolution at Education Without Barriers (EWB). During her bachelor’s degree, she was awarded government scholarship for international students by China Scholarship Council to participate the “3+1 Exchange Program” to study in Swansea University, UK. During her internship at a well-known Law Firm in China, she followed up several IPO listing projects, completed DD reports of acquired companies and non-performing assets, and revised contracts.

Chinese Chapter

 Yu Xia(Summer)

-Chinese Chapter    -Head of Academic Department

-Chinese Chapter

-Head of Academic Department


Yu Xia is Director of Department of Academic Affairs. Her responsibilities are managing curriculum and teaching system, monitoring research on children physical and mental health, supervising teaching training and other work related to education and development of disadvantaged children. She hold a master degree from London School of Economics and Political Science in International Relations. She currently working as a research fellow in a think tank on international relations, with duties of providing policy consultation, writing reports, organizing international conferences, etc. She has participated in several projects sponsored by the National Social Science Fund, conducting research on compensation policy on parents who lost their only-child, public health-care as well as social justice issues; I was an exchange student of University of Hong Kong and National Cheng Chi University in Taiwan; She was a volunteer to many activities such as short- term teaching in Hunan province and post-earthquake reconstruction in Nepal.

Hao Li (Grace)

- Chinese Chapter    -Head of Human Resource Department

- Chinese Chapter

-Head of Human Resource Department


As one of the leaders of the HR department at EWB, Grace is in charge of coordinating the department’s short-term agenda and long-term development strategy, fostering communication and coordination within the organization. Overall, HR’s main responsibilities include but are not limited to volunteer recruitment, training, assessing, as well as team-bonding. She is currently a senior studying at Shanghai YK Pao School, with economics as her main area of concentration. She has won a range of economics-related awards such as the Egon Sohman Economics Research Competition ($1000). Moreover, she is active in promoting speech and debate in Shanghai. Her honors include Top 32 in 2018 Stanford Invitational, Top 8 in the 2nd Tournament of Champions (China), and 1 st Place in NSDA Shanghai. 

 Yinzhan Fang (Livia)

-Chinese Chapter    -Head of Publicity Department

-Chinese Chapter

-Head of Publicity Department


Yinzhan is the leader of EWB’s Department of Publicity and Public Relations in China. She is responsible for organizing the work of all the groups under the department, making plans for department’s future development, and cooperating with other department’s leader to support EWB’s communication and public relations issues. She graduated from China Foreign Affairs University, majoring in Diplomatic Studies. Now she is MPP student in the University of Chicago. During her work in EWB, she wishes to enlarge EWB’s influence through publicity, support EWB in finding more potential cooperative partners, and provide more complete translation and technical support for the organization.

Qi qi (Qiqi) 

-Chinese Chapter  -Head of Legal Affair Department

-Chinese Chapter

-Head of Legal Affair Department


Qi Qi is the director of EWB Legal and Compliance Department where she regularly works on ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements, providing legal assistance for disadvantaged children and so on. She is studying law in Ocean University of China where she received National Scholarships and won the best oralist of the 2018 National Law of the Sea Moot Court Invitational Competition in Wuhan, the runner-up of the 2018 International Law of the Sea Moot Court Competition in Beijing and the first prize of the 2017 “Investigation in Shandong” College students’ Social Survey Activities. She also worked as an intern in Beijing Dacheng Law Offices, Shanghai Landing Law Offices and Great Eastern SG. As a member of EWB, Qi Qi is destined to providing the powerful backup for children’s happiness and growth, and thus to reflecting on response of law and policy to disadvantaged children.