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How Sponsorship Works

Donation Process Description

You can make donations in the following ways: Alipay, WeChat, internet banking, Paypal (if you are unable to do so, please contact us for other donation methods, contact email: xxx). Your donation will go directly to our official bank account. You can choose whether or not to specify the purpose of the payment at the time of donation. If you specify, we will use the full amount for the purposes you have specified. If you do not specify, we will arrange the funds for various public welfare activities, including but not limited to: teaching equipment procurement, education software procurement, teaching book procurement, publicity activities and so on. You can view financial disclosure information on the official website of EWB to learn about the use of funds. Thanks again for your donation, your kind action may change the fate of a child. Upon receipt of the payment, we will send the donation certificate to your email immediately.