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Recruitment of American Chapter

Founded in Sep 2016, Education Without Barriers (EWB) is an end-to-end online tutoring and mentorship platform aiming to empower and improve access to education for underprivileged children across the world, starting with orphans in China. At EWB, we believe that education is the most powerful, empowering, and enabling of human rights for an individual, and is the best gift one can provide to children. Education Without Barriers aims to tackle the problem of unequal access to educational resources.

As the headquarter of Education Without Barriers (EWB), EWB American Chapter is mainly responsible for fundraising, developing operational strategy, market positioning, technical support, and legal compliance. EWB American Chapter is supported by six departments: the Fundraising Department is mainly in charge of fundraising and other related work; the Financial Management Department takes charge of budget planning, fund management, and internal allocation; the Branding & Marketing Department is mainly responsible for brand building, marketing research, and developing marketing strategy; the Technology Department is mainly in charge of website development, technical system designation, and other technical support tasks; the Legal Affairs Department is responsible for all regular legal affairs through EWB AC’s operation; and the Human Resources Department takes charge of recruitment, staff management, team building, and other administrative work. It also provides guidance and supervises the HR department of each EWB service chapter.

Further Information

(All positions are remote and non-paid)

  • Depart. of Technology Development

  • Depart. Of Legal Affairs

  • Depart. Of Human Resources

  • Depart. of Fundraising

  • Depart. of The Integrated Marketing Communications

Depart. of Technology Development


  • Front-end & back-end group: 2~3 people

  • Product Design group: 1~2 people


  • Participate in the construction of EWB official website and internal management system.

  • Responsible for the management, maintenance and daily operation of EWB information system and infrastructure


  • Commit 10~15 hours per week before Sep 2019.

  • Identify with EWB’s values, and have a strong sense of responsibility and passion for child development & education

  • Have your own views and understanding of education and computer technology.

  • On-the-job software engineer, student or scientific researcher of Computer Science and Information Management and Information System.

  • Strong analytical, writing, and self-learning skills.

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.

  • Must be detail and solution oriented, hardworking, motivated, and have a positive attitude

  • Natural curiosity and ability to process and synthesize large amounts of information into a clear and concise format.

Technical Skills

  • Proficient in Java, C, C#,C++,Python and other programming languages

  • Experience in information system/APP/software design and development

  • Proficient in My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle or other database design (At least one of the listed)

  • Experience in UI design or Wechat applet development 

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Depart. of The Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

 ▷▶Marketing Specialist (3-5)

Primary Responsibilities

  • Working to create market-specific marketing plans and communication strategies that improve brand awareness of EWB, deliver consistent marketing messages, help to attain local goals, and maximize contributions to fundamental resource.

  • Conduct segment, channel and industry-based research and analysis

  • Plan and launch thematic marketing campaigns via traditional and digital marketing channels, support in conducting and executing writing, editing, production,dissemination, and tracking related to marketing plans, including coordination of content within all promotional materials (across multiple platforms –including, but not limited to, the campaign newsletter, presentations, digital content, video, photography, website content, blogs, social media posts,e-blasts, collateral materials, and external reports)

  • Optimize resources by working collaboratively with functional areas across organization.

  • Support the implementation and monitoring of the work plan to ensure timely completion of deliverables, evaluate effectiveness of ongoing campaigns and marketing practices for continual improvement.

  • When needed, identify creative integration opportunities for partners who don’t see opportunities.

  • Carries out other duties as assigned.


  • Experience at marketing, nonprofits, or in client-facing, and Global Brand.

  • Outstanding team player: you will work closely with other five departments and EWB executive leadership;

  • Deep commitment to EWB’s core values and be capable of integrating these values into work.

  • Time commitment: 15 hours / week

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▷▶Video Content Creator (2-3)

Primary responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the marketing specialist and Department of Fundraising to create informational, educational and general content videos

  • Design, edit, develop motion graphics and deploy videos

  • Ensure materials effectively communicate to both internal and external audiences, e.g.the general public, donors, and volunteers

  • Establish a high-output workflow that is deadline-driven, with smooth hand-offs and meticulous attention to details


  • Great knowledge of or strong interest in Adobe Premiere / Final Cut Pro, After Effects and other relevant tools (i.e. color correction)

  • Experience as a video editor, video content creator or animator

  • Time commitment: at least 10 hours / week

  • Ability to work well independently while a good team player

  • Deep commitment to EWB’s core values and ability to integrate these values intowork.

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 Depart. of Fundraising


  • Brainstorm innovative ideas of fundraising campaigns, collaborate with the branding team to launch these ideas to gain donations, and analyze data appraising campaign and fundraising performance.

  • Establish systems for tracking proposals, attachments, reports, and general correspondence, including through the EWB donor database.

  • Assist with proactive donor research to identify donor connections.

  • Organize and initiate donor-based projects (i.e corporates, individuals, other nonprofits) and activities to maintain and leverage EWB’s donor network.

  • Develop and proofread proposals, reports, and other donor materials.

  • Help prepare briefing documents for foundation donor meetings, keynote speeches inoutreach activities, and draft other materials.

  • Write and oversee all social media posting & engagement across multiple platforms, to further EWB’s mission, message, & continuously grow its donation from various stakeholders.

  • Aiding in the planning and coordination of fundraising and networking events.


  • Commit at least 15 hours per week before Dec 2019.

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Google applications, and fundraising CRM tools.

  • Previous experience in education NGO, CSR projects, public communication, and donor-relation management is a plus.

  • Having experience / knowledge in U.S philanthropy industry is strongly preferred.

  • Strong analytical, writing, and self-learning skills.

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.

  • Must be detail oriented, hardworking, motivated, and have a positive attitude.

  • Natural curiosity and ability to process and synthesize large amounts of information into a clear and concise format.

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Depart. Of Human Resources

 Human Resources Assistant (6~10)

Followed is not a comprehensive listing ofall functions and duties for an HR assistant. Essential duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:


  • Perform various administrative functions within the HR Department (i.e. type, filing,and keep record of chapter members, and entry performance-related data)

  • Assist in coordinating HR management programs and employment issues; design a general training system for all members of EWB American Chapter; actively support in developing performance monitoring and evaluation system

  • Assist with the recruitment process, which includes but is not limited to: prepare and process job postings; develop recruitment channels; review applications; schedules interviews

  • Support the relationship between EWB AC Chapter and all staff, collect feedback from different leadership levels, and demonstrate cooperative behaviors when interacting with every member

  • Build organization culture of EWB, conduct intensive research on multinationals and INGOs’ team culture cultivation strategies, access it in a regular basis using professional HR theories, and integrate it into all HR projects.

Knowledge of 

  • Operation patterns of non-profit organization

  • Principles of confidential records and file management.

  • Employee relations principles and practices

  • EWB’s values


  • Commit 10~15 hours per week before Sep 2019.

  • Strong skills with Microsoft Office, Google Drive and other office software

  • Previous experience in education NGO or HR departments is a strongly preferred.

  • Strong analytical, writing, file management and self-learning skills.

  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

  • Must be detail oriented, hardworking, motivated, and have a positive attitude.

  • Natural curiosity and ability to process and synthesize large amounts of information into a clear and concise format.

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 What you will get?

  1. Expand your horizon in an international NGO,cooperate and build network with talented youth from different countries in a motivating environment

  2. Create real impacts on disadvantaged children around the world

  3. Recommendation letter from EWB Board of Directors ( Selective)

  4. Free access to workshops given by students from top universities, experienced NGO managers, and practitioners in the fields of child development & social innovation & education

  5. Volunteer Certificate