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So you are thinking about donating your resources and/or time, and you are wondering…

Why Education without Barriers?

Thank you so much for asking.

Reason #1 We share the same values

We Believe Education Changes Lives.

We Believe Education is the Most Enabling Human Right.

We Believe Every Child deserves.

However, over 262 million children are out of school. Over 25% of kids under 18 are neglected.

Empowering underprivileged children across the world through end-to-end personalized online education and mentorship. Making a tangible difference, one child at a time.

Reason#2 Our solution is sustainable and efficient 

Our education is continuous. Our program is sustainable. Our relationship is long-lasting.

The real-time online education connects quality teachers with children without the constraint of location, making it the most effective method to connect disadvantaged children with quality teachers/volunteers and good educational resources. There is a low maintenance fee once the technology is set in place, making the solution practical and sustainable.

Without the constraint of staying in one region, teachers and students have the opportunity to long-term interactions using the real-time online education system. There are many benefits that come with it:

1. A Long-term interaction allows the education to be systematic, continuous, and individualized.

2. A long-term interaction allows students and teachers to build a meaningful and trusting relationship. A stable and continuous interaction provides the kids from a fickle environment a sense of security.

Reason #3 We provide high-quality service to our children

 The best education is individualized education.

 We develop a personalized educational plan for every child.

Each child has a designated mentor.

Every teacher goes through continuous educator’s training.

 We offer over 25 seminars/courses.

 Every child deserves a quality education. Every child deserves to smile. Every child deserves a bright future.

Thank you for your life-changing gift!